About Gulla's Graphics

     In 2002, Jason Gulla was a high school senior at Rome Free Academy, working at his family's pool business in Rome NY.  The owner of the company had just purchased a fleet of new vehicles that needed to be lettered up with the company logo.  As is still common practice in this area, the local sign shop took on the project, only to make excuse after excuse and keep pushing back the install date.  Fed up, he tried a different local company, with the exact same results.

     Jason saw an opportunity to help out his uncle and boss, and acquire a fun tool at the same time.  He purchased a small vinyl plotter with a friend, and the two of them began working on the pool store fleet.  With no training or experience, Jason and his partner managed to letter the fleet of 6 vehicles with all new graphics.  After completing the job, calls started coming in from friends of Jason's uncle who were also unhappy with the local shops.  With no intention of going into business, the customers literally had to bed the young men to do the work for them.  Soon there was a word-of-mouth buzz for a pair of guys that took pride in their work, and showed up when they said they would.

     After graduating high school, Jason's partner moved away to Florida with his family, and Jason began college at MVCC.  While attending school, Jason continued the small business out of his basement.  Having always had a passion for art and graphic design, it didn't take long for Jason to change his college major to business and dive into the sign business at full speed.  He spent countless hours researching the newest trends and technologies to elevate his craft.  New equipment was slowly acquired to add apparel and promotional products printing technologies.


      The company now employs 5 local artists, operating over $100,000 worth of equipment in our 4500 square foot facility in Rome.  We now have a full metal fabrication department, a CNC router, and numerous small and large format printers and heat presses.  Our various top of the line equipment allows us to fabricate just about anything imaginable right in house.  We don't stop at standard rectangular signs.  At Gulla's Graphics, we design totally custom signs different from anything else out there.  Jason's passion for modern design, and pride in craftsmanship can be seen in every product that goes out the door.  We continue to grow every day, but our quality and service will never change.  We are committed to staying on the forefront of technology, and producing only the best quality products.  Contact us today for a free quote.